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The group home shall provide the department with a copy of the completed final inspection report. Name Facility Name Licensee Address Facility Street City State Zip Code Facility ID Number County FIRE SAFETY Yes No Is a diagrammatic floor plan that clearly indicates the direction of each exit for emergency evacuation posted on each floor level 57. DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES Division of Safety and Permanence Fire Safety Inspection Group Homes Use of form Group homes for children...
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Fireline goes inside the world of theArvada fire department in this second weride along with fire inspector Randall sWiggum to learn how and why the Arvadafire department performs routineinspections of businesses in Arvada wehave approximately 2,700 businesses thatwe inspect Jim Miranda with Arvada fireor just wonder if I might be able to doyour fire inspection sir the type ofbusiness takes into account you know howin-depth you've got to go under the codewhen you're doing the fire inspectionrandall Wiggum is one of two fireinspectors but firehouse crews also doinspections the fire inspectors theycomplete roughly about 720 inspectionsand the crews are responsible for about2,000 inspections restaurants presentunique inspection needs to ensure thesafety of patrons as well as employeeswe want to make sure all the exit doorsopen without a problem that way in casethere is an emergency we can evacuateout of the building this restaurant isonly required to have one exit which isthe the main front door we want to makesure that we got a nice main aisle likewe have here to the exit door backbehind the bar areas or usually we havewe're looking for co2 cylinderscompressed gas cylinders make sure thatthey're there chained up that's so theydon't tip over inspector Wiggum wouldlike to see these secured a littlebetterand in this case takes care of it on thespot himself to eliminate a returninspection that would take time andtaxpayer money they're pretty wellstable not not great but they're notgoing to be knocked over and that'sthat's one way easily to correct thefire code violation in the kitchen theinspector looks for grease buildup onthe hood or appliances this is whatwe're looking for how clean this is iswhat what we like to see you have afusible link up there for thesuppression system that's what will willmelt away if there's a grease fire butwhat you're looking at isthe hood ductwork going up to the roofand we want to make sure we don't have alarge accumulation of grease he alsochecks what is called a hood suppressionsystem which is a fire extinguishingsystem that protects the the cookingappliances to make sure that that's beeninspected and tested by an outsidecompany every six months he looks for28-inch pathways in employee areas andchecks out storage areas well you'relooking at is making sure that we canget a fire hose in through here andmaking sure we can hit all of thedifferent areas that we need to withoutstorage blocking our wayon the outside he looks for electricalshut offs and accessibility for fireengines he'll also make notes aboutpower lines on the pre-fire plan and acritical part of the inspection is tomake sure the address is on the buildingaddresses are extremely important to usbecause that's where we're going to getthe help not so much in a fire situationbut for in a medical...
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